A model company for environment

This company UNU  has a very Progressive business model. That all it all starts with the customer. That is so rare. Usually the customer is the last link in the chain of command, with this company, they have turned that Automotive business model around and it all begins with the customer. Basically, the customer goes on to the website to order. They get to create their own unique scooter in the online shop that this company has designed. It is a simple process, they only designed a few colors and they get to choose from a small variety of engines, and then they placed the order. Once the order is placed. They get a notification that their scooter has gone into production, or will go into production by the beginning of the next week. That scooter is manufactured individually. I can’t stress how different that is than other Automotive Industries. The fact that it is manufactured individually. I think that’s incredible. Once it is complete, the whole scooter, in it’s finished stage, is put into a box made by the company, and shipped off to the owner’s address. There are meticulous amounts of planning that go into this, and the most important ingredient for the delivery is finding a time where it is actually convenient for the person to receive their scooter. This is not one of those situations where you have to wait around for 8 or 9 hours and hope that the thing comes up, you decide on a time, and that time is the deal. And that’s how it works. Once you open the box, if the scooter is ready to ride, as long as you have a license plate to put on there. Isn’t that incredible? It is a complete inversion of the general process of automobile manufacturing, and it is all for a motor scooter that is completely electronic and does not use any fossil fuels. I think that it is incredible.