Features of Ricoh Theta SC

Features of Ricoh Theta SC:

Ricoh Theta SC is the latest version of the 360-degree camera introduced by Ricoh Company. The previous version of the company was Theta S. Theta SC has a lot of features in it. In order to make you understand more about the phenomenal camera with beautiful design and perfect picture quality, this article has been written.

360-degree coverage:

The camera has been designed in such a way that all the people around the table can be captured in a single picture very easily. This coverage of the entire circle is known as 360-degree coverage. Similar to the example of people sitting around the table, Theta SC is able to capture everything around you just with a touch. Everything means things, which can be covered from the human eye, Theta SC, can cover them.

Phone Compatible:

Theta SC is compatible with the smartphones. It can be attached to the phones to get the best results of the picture and get the pictures easily from the camera to the phone. Theta SC supports both the android version and the IOS phones. So, it gets easy for any phone holder to use the device rather than finding the phone compatible with the camera.

High picture Quality:

As the Theta SC is an HD camera, it allows the users to get the full resolution in the pictures captured and the videos made using the camera. A 14 MP picture quality can be expected from the Theta SC. The F2 quality lens is used in the camera. The maximum time of the video recording is 5 continuous minutes after which the video will be stopped automatically and will have to be started again. However, the survey showed that most of the video made by the previous versions of Theta SC were shorter than 5 minutes.


The smartphone attached to the camera can be used to have a preview of the picture being captured or video being made so you can have the better idea about the quality of the picture and of course, your pose and attitude before you decide to upload a picture or video different social media sites.

Ricoh Theta SC is the newer and latest version of the S series launched by the company. Most of the features are similar to the older version but slight changes have been made to increase the utility and provide ease to the users of the camera.