So here I was, having the most like relaxing day of my entire life

So here I was, having the most like relaxing day of my entire life. It was so nice. I started by going to brunch with some of my very best friends who I had not seen in some time.  It was just one of those great weekend afternoons. After brunch, I went to my favorite Raleigh Spa which is absolutely just fantastic in every single way that you can possibly imagine. So, you can say that I was riding a high. But then, as I was leaving the spot and on my way to my next appointment, I realize that I was just like, checking things off of the list, and not really fully experiencing any of it in the moment.

The whole time I had been at brunch with my friends, I have been thinking about making my appointment at the spa on time, and the whole time I was at the spa, I couldn’t stop thinking about what was coming next to my day. I felt that I’ve wasted a lot of great time at the spa, by not being completely, fully present in the moment. Rather than continuing to worry about this, I realize that the best course of action is just to begin being present in that moment. Like now. Do you know what I mean? Instead of thinking about what comes next, or what just happened, really ask yourself what your body and mind are feeling and wanting and needing right now in this very moment in time. That’s what I’m wondering about. Do you know what I mean? Now, I could worry about the fact that I wasted that time at the spa, not exactly wasted I still enjoyed myself, but you know what I mean, right? Or I could fret and be nervous about the fact that I might end up doing that again, the next time I’m at the store in a similar type of environment or experience. But, instead, I’m going to trust that by cultivating a state of mind in which I remain present all of the time, that I will resist the temptation to fall out of the moment in these daily situations.