The Future of Bluetooth Beacon Technology

Technology has evolved over the course of the human race; things has changed from each face of the history of humanity. Now in the 21st century, technological advancement are moving faster than ever before, and this technological advancement is beginning to spread to other facets of the world today, you can see progress in education, marketing, and communication. Bluetooth beacon technology improvements are one on the rising, the question is this Bluetooth technology having a long term future or will just fade away?

Bluetooth beacons platforms are new and upcoming

Bluetooth beacons have platform to aid this technology, let’s take a look at the platforms

And why you want to use them.

  1. If you are among the people that hate to download and the mobile installation application, then you got to use the Eddystone beacon platform. Users of this platform make use of URL and UUID (web link) to send data across, you can send different packets of information, and it not restricted to only one particular package like iBeacons.
  2. What if your phone or devices run on the iOS operating system; sometimes the operating system determine the platform to use. Most iOS users use the iBeacon because you don’t have to go through the stress of the Bluetooth core or by using a framework that is for another purpose like for the connection of headsets and several other wireless devices near you.
  3. If you own a business that handles high quality date and it require another level of automation with easy visualization, you have to go for heat mapper. This platform is the best for heat mapping all the valued data set, making it visible when collecting data in sets.

As Long Smartphone Remain Bluetooth Beacon Technology Will Remain

All mobile applications do not function except when installing on a smartphone, so that as smartphone advances beacon technology does too. Recently cell phone producing companies are allowing their smartphones accept a mobile app that can work with iBeacon technology, in other for them to provide their users with an impressive user experience.  You can monitor you data movement visually using heat mapper which can generate heat maps using some heat mapping software. For the flexible improvement of architectural frame type development, accompanied with a proper implementation of broad length of Bluetooth low energy devices which works well with the APIs of Bluetooth developer, for operating system like Android and iOS, that is the purpose of Eddystone.