The Ultimate Condo Buying Guide- The Features You Should Not Forget

The Ultimate Condo Buying Guide- The Features You Should Not Forget

Burnaby is one of the best places one can live and the available Burnaby condos are very incredibly built. As long as you know the location, style and age of condo you want, you can refine your search even more to suit your needs by considering the features available.


Most of the new developments tend to offer upgrades appliances like fridges and microwaves with the older developments having standard appliances. Even though most units will have a washer and dryer, as an owner you will have to furnish the larger appliances.

Common areas

Most of the condos in Burnaby are very well built with very nice common areas and you have to consider what you like. If you like to have a lovely garden around then you need to look for a building that has one. Consider the dues based on the area as well.


Different communities have different rules and restrictions. For instance an age restriction, where the condos are suited for old people only. In some cases, these can be marketed as active adult communities.


It is very important to have convenient parking wherever you buy a condo. Most condo units notmally have on-site parking areas either underneath the or besides the building. There are condos that offer a certain number of parking slots to each unit and this is most often than not based on the number of bedrooms in the unit. There are some developments that go as far as having gated parking areas or gate houses with security personnel where no one but the owner can pick the car. Such security measures are considered important for condo owners.


Different condo developments will have different security measure in place to protect the residents and you should inquire about them. There could be security guards, surveillance cameras, very well lit parking areas, locked access to community facilities as well as community watch programs.

Storage space

Owning a condo means you will not have your own garage, attic, shed and basement, you need to make sure you will get enough space. You can check for sufficient bedroom closets, living room cabinets, dining room cabinets, bathroom storage, and entry closets etcetera. There might be an outdoor closet to store things such as bikes, beach chairs and sports gears as well as a pool house where you get to keep all the floating devises.

Square footage

You need to consider the number of room offered as well as the square footage. If you would like a home office or expect guests frequently you may need an extra bedroom.


If you make all the above considerations, you will find one of the incredible Burnaby condos.